What are your thoughts on the recent trend of young gym girls and a surprising amount of women being able to deadlift 200+ and bench plates?

I think it’s impressive but kind of disgusting. Like women having toned muscles and losing weight is obv good, but some of these powerlifters or bodybuilders looking like 1970’s Arnold Schwarchznegger with tits is horrifyingly ugly and overall a net negative imo.

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Good men scarcity smh.

To touch your first half, I think if there were more type a personality men, there would be at least somewhat of young demographic wiling to stand up to the left. Or if these white zoomers stopped falling for white guilt.

Secondly, conservative media chicks, ironically are the most pickiest and don’t want to settle down. You previously also mentioned that the conservative media simps for them and takes their side since they bitch about it at work.

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It's pretty GAE out there. There are Trump folks out there too, but lot's of Dems and non-confrontational moderates that wan't hyper-politicization to go away. Our Trump besties tend to say, you have to be stupid or have no brain, if you vote Democrat! "Go Trump!" "I didn't get this nice home" by voting Democrat!" Such is life in the cities.

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I'm a huge MMA fan. Not for everyone because there are some brutal moments.

The UFC is the only based sports org of that size around. It does corporate pandering but it isn't mandatory and no cancelling of fighters for saying "checks don't have dicks" there's obvious limits on race due to the diverse nature of the sport (at least they pick the best fighters on merit). As for women there hasn't been much of a draw since Rousey left and now Nunes gone the women's side is down in popularity even further.

Women title fights rarely ever headline PPV fight cards because the interest isn't there and some cards not even have female fights like the Australia card in which Sean Strickland won the belt.

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I will say, you were spot on with describing Bridget Phetasy 😭😆

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Great episode as always. I think that while it is true that video games are an escape from a depressing reality, that just putting them away wouldn't render you a irl waifu, and that dating a modern woman is like running over a suspiciously IED shaped teddy bear in Iraq, it should be said that putting away all of these net-negative distractions are the first steps to self improvement and escaping mental Hell. How can we amount to anything better than a brain-fried paypig if we don't boycott not just marvel movies, weed, etc., but everything which isn't edifying in at least in some way? At least with sports there's a real social element, but TV and social media just sucks your time away and puts peoples minds in the wrong place. As such the amount of antisocial neets is at an all time high.

In the past, middle class Wasps would make their child learn an instrument, Latin, Greek, Shakespeare, or whatever to make them a more educated and refined person. Nowadays, the Boomer generation and their progeny no matter the class are hyperfixated on TV and Subway Surfer conspiracy TikToks, unironically listen to Wet Ass Pussy, have a limited vocabulary, and are not interested at all in any higher culture. We like to complain about the death of Wasp culture, but it's more that just pasty skin and khaki pants. It's attaining the seven capital virtues in some fashion. That is the key to living in a nice happy country.

I think that conservative commentators should speak about this more. This is where the conversation should be. Leadership is something so many men desperately want and need, whether they know it or not, especially in self improvement. How can we better the country and reverse cultural trends if we're spiritually bovine? Ben Franklin famously set out to obtain his list of 13 virtues by practicing self-discipline. Imagine if young men were doing that instead of shitposting!

I'd like to go further in saying that Peterson, while cringetarded in many ways, is actually a net positive. The Barbie movie is a net positive (for men in our time). However, people like Nick Fuentes are a net negative and really the most dangerous to take seriously. While they may be ostensibly Christian and have some good takes, they're incredibly immature, permanently angry, petty, lazy, vulgar, and in every way wignat. Just look at the Kanye debacle or catch any of his streams. Retarded. How can people like that better their followers' conditions? Yet, many follow the siren song.

Sorry to write a long rambly comment, but I think it needs to be said that you're still gonna be fugly, gay, and hate yourself even if you have all of the right political opinions. Much more has to be done on a personal level and commentators have the moral responsibility to push that, and a big part of it is to get rid of distractions become bored.

P.S. For the record I think Matt Walsh sucks

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Is this where you post the cognitive elite questions? Each show for Monday you post it in the comments for that particular show right here?

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