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If this were white on white it would be a very minor news story. If the hero marine was black and Neely was white then media would say that the black marine had to step in teach a privileged white man a lesson in manners. The black marine would get invited to the White House to meet with Biden. The hero black marine might also get a military base named after him.

This isn't our country anymore. That's why I will root for Russia, China or Iran against the U.S. The citizens and government of those nations hate white people far less than the current U.S. govt and Democrat voters.

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We’re a very sick society that this is even a debate. What was done to the SC Army Sgt is a fucking travesty

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Scott what are your thoughts on accounts like monitoring bias on twitter?

I think what he is doing is very effective by posting hidden statistics that debunk the narrative on crime etc. He also apparently got over 40 million views one month.

My thoughts are that if someone would have an account with interracial crime statistics, the financial cost of black crime (around 1 trillion a year), and the wealth transfer from whites to blacks and posted them under New York Times articles and hostile twitter posts this would change the narrative of the normies reading the post.

Most people really don’t know that 50% of blacks don’t have a father in the home while whites are 9%. Affirmative action is unpopular with 70% of blacks so making this common knowledge would help prevent white saviors from defending it. Criminals are arrested 11 times before going to prison and highly reoffend after release. Chicago school district receives 29,000 per student and many poor black schools receive similar funding (funding has not been the issue in black schools for several generations). Redlinings biggest demographic was poor whites and the areas still are mostly non black. Slavery would have been impossible if not for Africans capturing other Africans due to tropical diseases killing whites in west Africa with in a year by average. The number of black celebrities “afraid” of whites that live in white neighborhoods (and white Allie’s).

A lot of the issues for us is that the narrative is only partial information followed by emotional rhetoric. Once this is address led and people realize that this country has zero past atrocities not committed by every other nation and that statistically any person who moves here is middle class in one generation the case against us becomes very weak.

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Just another reason Whites should be getting out of NYC.

Edit: except White women who are probably triple vaxed and removing themselves from the gene pool anyway. They can be a sacrificial offering to the Black vagrants while we breed the happa master-race.

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